Dashboard cameras have become increasingly popular these days. Most of the car owners now prefer dashboard camera in their cars to get a clear vision while driving. Mostly, these cameras are mounted on dashboard of the cars and the major purpose of dash board camera is to record the sound and capture images while driving. Its core purpose is to record all inside and outside activities to make sure the safety of passenger who have seated in the car. These cameras are being used by police cars, driving school cars, taxi drivers and individual drivers as well. One more mind blowing feature of this camera is it can easily be connected with the other devices such as recorders and GPS devices. One of the major reason of installing a dash camera in a car is that it can provide accurate, straight or to the point evidence of the accident on the spot. No can lie in front of camera recordings. Many drivers have been used video tapes as proof in courts to proof that they are not guilty so, the other party has found guilty and they have paid for the repairing of the car. Dash cam is being consider as the strongest proof in case of car crash for defending yourself. Second more major reason of installing dash board camera is that it can allow you to lodge a complaint about the undisciplined and rash drivers along with video tapes.

Functions & features of dashboard cams:

Advanced cheap dash camera provides clear vision of both lanes of the road and it can also help drivers in taking over the other vehicles. Dash cameras can be connected with the other devices like recorders and GPS devices. Quality dash camera can provide an excellent night vision with great clarity. Dash camera gives HD videos as well. It has a good quality company fitted mic, speaker and screen. Expensive dash cameras provide good quality rear camera videos as well. Dash camera is literally weight as the great invention of the time.  It has a feature of loop recording along with G sensor, parking mode, Motion detector and WDR. Car is considered as one the most precious asset so, many car owners install dash cameras to keep their car under surveillance for instance parents are worried about their children due to their rash driving so, they can always keep an eye on their driving with these cameras. Even, it can be useful for their driving instructors.


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Reasons For Installing Dash Cams?

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