There are pros and cons to everything the same can be said for technology. We cannot doubt the fact that with the help of technology we have achieved milestones that we would have never even imagined. But one drawback is that now security breaches are at an all-time high and because most of the sensitive information is kept inside computers there are organizations which operate just for the sole purpose of breaching a security system you can have a Sony security camera systems sale. Workplaces now have to take extra measures to ensure that they are well secured with no chances of breaches.

That is the reason why biometric thumb scanner has been rapidly increasing in popularity.

In today’s world biometric authentication is one of the most viable security solution, not only does it provide great security but it is also relative easy to install and maintain. Before the introduction of biometric security systems most workplaces used the card swipe system which had major drawbacks. So let’s see why biometric thumb scanner is better than key card entry system and what benefits does it provide.

Higher Security Standard

Due to the fact that biometric thumb scanner only gives authentication through fingerprints it is safe to say that it provides higher level of security standards as compared to the key card entry system. One of the major drawback of the card system was that if the card went into wrong hands then the security could easily be breached and it would be extremely difficult to determine the culprit. However, biometric finger scanner directly detects the fingerprint so it is extremely difficult to bypass.

Easy to Keep Records

One other benefit of biometric thumb scanner system is how effectively it helps in keeping record of the employees and their arrival time at the work place. It is also efficient in terms of data because all it requires is just a fingerprint to provide access. Moreover, the employees do not have to worry about having a card with them all the time or passwords.

Easy to Maintain

Unlike other security systems such as electronic doors, biometric thumb scanner is easy to maintain and extremely cost-effective. It is comparatively easier to install because it does not require a lot of hardware so you do not have to spend too much money on its maintenance and still get a reliable solution for your security needs.

Maintaining high standards of security at a workplace is crucial nowadays, especially due to the fact that security breaches are getting more common. Biometric thumb scanner proves to be an extremely reliable solution. Get in touch with iCam security and get it installed at your workplace today to ensure it is completely safe from any kind of theft or breach.

Why Biometric Thumb Scanner Is A Viable Security Solution For Your Workplace

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